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Soledad Lorena
  • Copy writing
  • Creative writing
  • Editing and proof-reading
  • Business or private correspondence
  • Articles
  • Applied research
  • Assistance for designing, writing or editing books
  • Content for internet (email etiquette, social networks, websites)
  • Confidentiality
  • Standard Spanish - Argentine Spanish - English
  • Literary Workshops: Creative and Use of Language

“A word can be a window, a key or even a door.  A word can shut or open doors; it can build bridges or it can destroy them.  A word can touch you, it can reach you or even move through you.  A word can kill or it can bear life.  A word can heal.”
Soledad Lorena


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A book of poems
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Pétalos del Corazón

Libro I

Colección de poemas


Musas Invertidas

Colección de cuentos


La Cocina de Susie

Libro I

Colección de recetas


Palabras al Viento

CD artesanal

Audios literarios


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Cuentos Cuyanitos

Literatura Infantil

Primera Infancia

A collection of poems, stories and thoughts

We are born in one piece, just a tiny piece in a huge jigsaw-puzzle in the Universe. The way it works out is far beyond our grasp. And we ourselves are doers of our own jigsaw, although the pieces are not always at hand. We have to seek for the missing ones trying to understand very complex shapes.
We can spend our childhood and our youth working on our own jigsaw. Once we are adults, there is a moment when we think we have all the pieces but then we wake up one morning and the jigsaw is gone. Instead, we have a pile of thousand pieces on our table.
Dreams sometimes give us clues of missing pieces though they do not always match the jigsaw we are working on, they may be part of a different one which we have not yet started.

We fall to pieces when the jigsaw is not what we expected.
We are a chess piece and we never see the player’s face.
We are one piece of a kind.
We are a unique piece of art.

Soledad Lorena / Susannah

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