Words and Bridges

Susannah Lorenzo

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I am a  'multi-passionate entrepreneur'

with a big heart and a sensitive soul.


There was a time when I sold vegetable pies, I had a radio show and I was also the English teacher and translator for a well known winery in San Rafael, Mendoza.  One of my regular clients for pies once asked me if I was a relative or the sister of the woman who worked at the radio station.  He thought it was weird I could be a good cook,  a radio host, a translator and a writer.  Besides, I was a single parent raising three amazing children.


The truth is: I do everything with love and passion.  I like taking care of details and outstanding quality must be the result of any product or service I provide. (It can be a pie, a crocheted blanket for a baby, a literary workshop, a handcrafted book I have written, an English class, a poem or a translation.) 


So, each passion has a different fan page on Facebook: Sana Mantita Nana (crocheted blankets for babies), La Cocina de Susie (creative recipes from my kitchen), Senderos de Luz (Inspirational quotes, thoughts and poems for the spirit), Susana Lorenzo (the page for all my language services), Soledad Lorena (where you can find my handcrafted books and my life as a writer) and the newest one Meherdeep Kaur which is the gate to my next dream: an holistic centre.


Choosing the name for my website was not easy, but I believe it merges my talents, my gifts and the sensitive muse which keeps me alive. 



I do believe that words can be bridges, either if they're written, read, said, felt or even translated.