Words and Bridges

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  • Literary and Business translation (English/Spanish/English)
  • Business and diplomatic correspondence
  • Personal Interpreter for meetings, conferences, guided tours or speeches.
  • ESP (mining, geology, chemistry, medicine, mechanics, etc.)
  • Simultaneous Interpreter
  • Copywriter
  • Websites (translation and copywriting)
  • Bilingual interviews (reporter and journalist)





  • Data base (building, maintaining and data enter)
  • Copywriting: helping companies or entrepreneurs write words which sell for their websites.
  • Content marketing and social media campaigns.
  • Business and newspaper articles
  • Newsletters (printed or digital)
  • Presentations, videos or slides 
  • Flyers, brochures and ads






  • Guided tours
  • Meetings, business lunch and trips
  • Excursions
  • Temporary administration of funds, suppliers and expenses





  • English, Use of spoken and written language (Eng/Sp), Writing,Marketing, Team work, Motivational talks, Happiness management, Spanish for foreigners
  • ESP = English for Specific Purposes 
  • E-Learning (Email tutoring)
  • Training for international exams
  • Literary Workshops (creative writing and reading comprehension)
  • Tailored lessons: English, Spanish, IT



  • Data Enter
  • Data base building up
  • Spreadsheets, Word processors, Databases (Relational and SQL), Publisher, Power Point
  • Software for online and edited radio shows  (Zara, Raduga)
  • Software for the edition of audio files (Sound forge, Audacity).
  • Internet: social media, intelligent search, browsers, search engines, etc. 



Translator and Interpreter


Marketing & Communication

International Protocol

Assistance for foreigners in ARG

 In-company Training

Private Teacher



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