Words and Bridges

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The best poem is the one you write on the skin of somebody's heart.

Pétalos del Corazón (Petals of the heart) is my literary blog.  You will find poems and stories.  Some of them are in Spanish and some of them are in English.

You are invited to choose, to discern, to think and to read beyond political speeches and news media.

I sometimes write in Spanish and there are times when I can only write in English.  It depends on the mood, the feelings or the thoughts which pour down the paper.

Each poem, story or article has its own music and pace; they are born with a unique map of words and I cannot choose which language to use.

Likewise, I sometimes dream in English and sometimes in Spanish.  The movie in my head or in my heart has no subtitles or translation.  It may be a scene in my mind or a river flowing from my heart.  That's why it's so difficult to translate poetry, because each word, phrase or verse has its own music and pace; when you change the word, the music changes.

There are articles and editorials in this blog.  I choose to think outside the box.  I choose to look at people and to see what is hidden.  When I think aloud, I write.

I do not care how long I can live. I do care how I live.

This blog could be called Susie's Chronicles.  At first, I felt the need to share my life with a chronic disease (Endometriosis) with other Endo warriors.  In fact, one of my articles about living with Endo was awarded a prize.  Then, I just kept sharing my experiences as a woman, daughter, mother and grandmother.